How to make a territory

On this page, you can learn how to make a territory effectively to win a game.


The territory is space that is surrounded by stones. The number of stones you need to make a territory varies. It depends on where you make it.

See the example below. You can find the same size of three territories at a corner, a side and the middle of the board.

The territory is called ‘Ji’ in Japanese. The unit of counting ji is ‘moku’ in Japanese or point in English.

You count how many intersections you have in your territories to find out how big they are. The example tells you that there are 4 intersections in all the three territories. That means each territory has 4 points.

How to make territories effectively

You can say it is effective if you use less stones to make the same size of a territory. Go back to the example again. You need 5 stones to make the territory at a corner, 8 stones at a side and 12 stones around the middle of the board.

This means that you should start to make a territory at a corner first, then at a side, and lastly around the middle of the board.