Learn Go in English

Don’t worry if you don’t know Japanese. You can learn Go in English here.


Go began in China a long time ago. After that, it was brought to Korea and Japan where people also started to play it. People in Japan call this game Go, those in Korea call it Baduk and those in China call it Weiqi.

Professional Go players are in those three countries to compete in heaps of different tournaments which take place in and out of their country.

Go is one of the most popular board game as over 400,000 people play this game all over the world.

Learn Go in English

How to make a territory

On this page, you can learn how to make a territory effectively to win a game. Territory The territory is space th...
Learn Go in English

How to start the game

Here is the procedure of how to decide who plays with black stones or white stones. It is called Nigiri in Japanese. Nig...
Learn Go in English

General information of the game Go

On this page, you can learn the general information of the game including how to win, size of the board etc. Territory ...

One space jump

You have one line between two stones you place towards the centre of the board. In this case, the move is called one spa...

Knight move

The knight move is to place stones as a knight move of chess. See examples below. A knight move is used when you atta...


You can't escape from the ladder once you are in. It is waste of time if you try to get out of it. You will reach the si...