General information of the game Go

On this page, you can learn the general information of the game including how to win, size of the board etc.

Territory game

You can win the game if you make a bigger territory than that of your opponent.

Basic rules

  • Start from the player with black stones. More details here.
  • You can place a stone on the board when your turn comes.
  • A stone needs to be placed on an intersection. (although a chess piece is placed in a section.)
  • You will win if your territory is bigger than your opponent’s in the end. (although you can win a chess match if you catch the king of the opponent.)

The size of the board

The proper size of the board is 19 × 19. See below. There are smaller boards for beginners and people who want to play it quickly as it would take at least around 30 minutes if you play on a 19 × 19 board: They are 13 × 13, 9 × 9, 6 × 6.

A 4 × 4 board is rare but you can have it for infants.